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Hi! I'm Isabel.

Born and raised in Boca Raton to a pair of Bolivian immigrants, matured in Orlando and currently living my adult life in Winter Park. It's taken a little longer than I anticipated but I finally found what I was looking for — his name is St. Peter and at 118 years old, he's quite the grump, but the old gent is committed to creating everything I dream up. He's my letterpress, through which I'll be able to lead the artistic life I've always wanted. I'm an avid movie goer, a giant word nerd, and in the possession of such enviable talents as to mispronounce several basic English words, which is just the beginning of my endearing quirks. I like to doodle, write semi-coherent sentences and I read quite a bit — I freely admit to loving the heck out of Young Adult literature (Potter!) and being such a romantic sentimentalist in adoring Austen, James, Hardy and Wharton. I'm big on imagination, traveling, trivia about world history, and getting to the heart of the things. I have a profound fondness for all things Anthropologie + Jcrew. 

I studied English and History at UCF, finished in 2006 and I thought that was the end of pencils, books and teacher's dirty looks. Not so. I rejoined the academic world some five years later and picked up graphic design in order to become a children's book writer + illustrator. Except somewhere in the beginning of my scholastic pursuit, I bumped into the letterpress world and haven't left yet. Now I get to come up with cute + charming greeting cards, wedding invitation suites and many other things I've been secretly dreaming about. All of this has been a sweet surprise and I've loved every minute of it. I'm so thankful to be lucky enough to do what I love in the way that I like.

A heartfelt thanks to my parents + brother, and to the rest of the Bolivian brigade, for the friends who speak "bumper sticker" and whose encouraging pep talks I receive on a near daily basis. I couldn't have done it at all without any of them, particularly without my incredible friend and left-brain enthusiast business partner, Sheli, who keeps me very nearly organized.



Hello, I’m Sheli, nice to meet you! 
I am the wife of Mr. Awesome, mom to Fun and Sweet. I love trips to the beach and freshly roasted coffee.  I've been told to tell you I'm patient and a great listener, but more than anything I love to sit and have meaningful conversation with those I love. In case you like random facts, I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, enjoy dark chocolate and listening to talk radio. 

I grew up in Brandon, Florida and relocated to Orlando to attend the University of Central Florida where I studied Psychology. A job with Young Life, a non-profit geared toward mentoring high school students, along with a guy named Jason made Orlando home for good. After my years of working in the non-profit world, I left to pursue domestic endeavors by becoming the CEO at Diapers, Grass Stains and Baby Dolls, Inc. In my spare time I tended to the details of our family business to satisfy my entrepreneurial cravings.  As Isabel turned her doodles into hand illustrated masterpieces and spent hours cranking out beautiful letterpress stationery for friends and family, I watched in amazement.  I knew that her talent needed to be enjoyed by all.  After several meaningful conversations over great coffee, we decided to start 9th Letter Press together.  I'm grateful to have a right-brained counterpart through which I get to live out my creative dreams. Together, we hope you’ll enjoy our whimsical and fun paper goods for many years to come.
Thanks for stopping by!
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