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Confession:  I used to think Mother's Day was another greeting card holiday; then, I started working for a paper goods studio.  {insert the embarassed, wide-eyed emoji} I have seen the light.  Why not celebrate the women in our lives who have made us who we are today?  Heck, let's give them their own special day!  Oh wait, it's called Mother's Day!  And gang, it's this Sunday!  

Here at 9th Letter Press, we celebrate our moms with nothing but the best that snail mail can offer:  beautiful letterpress cards.  

Isabel has created these gorgeous cards for your sweet message of love, endearment and thanks to be written specifically for your mom.  

Now's the time to thank your mom for all the thankless things she's done for you.  For all the loads of laundry, pb and j's, hours spent in the carpool line, notes in your lunchbox, bandages on scaped knees, dance recitals, soccer games, and being your very own cheerleader in life.  Thank you, {Mom, Grandma, Auntie, Sister, Friend} .  You are overwhelmingly loved.  

Happy Mother's Day!

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