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 Welcome back to another installment of our Book Cover Challenge! 

SO, ever since I saw the movie, The Last of The Mohicans, I've had a huge thing for Daniel Day Lewis. If you haven't seen it, please do! It's on Netflix and it's the perfect movie to watch if you're in the mood for an epic. Think Gladiator, Braveheart, etc. Anyway, after I read The Age of Innocence I ordered the movie, starring Daniel Day Lewis as Newland Archer, from Amazon. It does not disappoint! 

AS a little side note, how stinkin' awesome is the name Newland? He's the gentleman hero in the novel who falls in love with a Countess, with a scandalous past, while engaged to someone else. What I love about this particular story is how she captures the feelings of Newland and the Countess in an honest and raw way. No cheese here. The two characters regard each other in a very real way and aren't unaware of each other's faults. Newland, perhaps, is the more romantic of the two. He's traditional and conservative and incredibly, the novel follows his life and shows that he stays true to his upbringing, even if he isn't happy about it. 

THE book was published in 1920 and it won the pulitzer in 1921. Way to go, Edith! She's the first woman in history to win the prize. The inspiration for The Age of Innocence actually came from her real life friend, Consuelo Vanderbilt, who was forced to marry a suitable gentleman of her mother's choosing. Wharton did a commendable job of depicting what life must have been like for women in the 19th century who lived and died by the "rules" of the American upper class. Like her friend Consuelo, who was in love with Winthrop Rutherford but married her mother's choice, Newland has to make a decision; will he comply with what is expected of him or will he break free? I found it very interesting that it's a man Wharton chooses to write about, perhaps as a reminder that men were captives of the decorum of the day also. 

YOU can pick up the movie here

IF you've already read The Age of Innocence, I suggest picking up the true story of Consuelo Vanderbilt. You can pick that one up here. That book is all about Consuelo and her domineering mother, Alva. 

STORY time: for New Year's one year, I hosted a 1920s themed bash. I love everything about this era in our history. The music, the short hairstyles (which I'd never be able to pull off), what was going on politically; prohibition, woman's right to vote (Alice Paul!) and the buoyant morale of Americans fresh out of war. At this party we donned flappy dresses, feather boas and lots of bling. A firework may or may not have accidentally shot inside the house (shoutout to Mr. Fitzgerald who threw the firework outside of the house and saved the day). Anyway, when it came to designing this cover I knew I had to incorporate the roaring twenties, as the book was published in 1920. To me this meant an iconic typeface (thick and thin strokes) and lots of gold. 

I hope you all love this design as much as I do!

THESE were some earlier sketches I did in the week. I was thinking of going on the heavy script side but I'm happy I went with a more simplistic aesthetic. 

THANKS so much for reading! I'm taking suggestions for next week's book cover, just let me know on Instagram (Isabel9thLP) or in the comments section below!


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