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YOU guys! I've made it to week six of our book cover challenge and if you really knew me, you'd know this is a big deal! I have the hardest time consistently writing in our blog, but this challenge has helped stick to a schedule. As a side note, I'm SO impressed by the talented writers who write everyday on their blogs and make a living off of it.  

THIS week I read Gone With The Wind, a fabulous story about a Southern family in the midst of the civil war. The main character, Scarlett O'Hara, is a feisty, self-centered Southern belle with an acerbic personality and grandiose ambitions. There is not much that she wouldn't do to secure a future for her lands or her enterprises. She's spiteful, vindictive and not above hurting her own sisters to get ahead. 

INCREDIBLY, I don't hate her. In fact, it's the opposite. I think she's a character that's well written because we can all identify with her on some level. She says what we think but would never dare say aloud and I think we all admire someone who has an unshakeable sense of self. Mind you, most of the time she's dead wrong and blinded by her own wishes and can't see beyond that. Several moments in the story I would cringe, wanting to shut my eyes so I didn't see how self destructive Scarlett was being in that particular scene.

SPEAKING of Rhett, if you haven't read this book, I'd read it just to meet Rhett Butler. Enough said. There was a time in my life that I wanted to name my son Rhett after this great character, no joke. In fact, if my husband is game I still might. 

 SOME other fun trivia about Gone With The Wind: It was published in 1936 and it remains America's second favorite book, right after the Bible. It's sold 30 million copies! It was published during The Great Depression and made into a movie starring the incredible Clark Gable and the British actress Vivianne Leigh (who was married to another famous actor who made a little movie with Marilyn Monroe). The author, Margaret Mitchell wrote the book while she was recovering from a car crash. She didn't even want to publish the book but was compelled to after an editor looking for new fiction begged her to let him print it. Gone With The Wind is the only book written by Mitchell and it won the pulitzer prize in 1937. Interestingly, she wrote the end of the book first and then the major events leading up to the end where Rhett tells Scarlett he doesn't give a damn. 

FOR this cover I wanted to go rustic, but still elegant. So much of Gone With The Wind is gritty; Scarlett O'hara gets her clean hands filthy saving someone else, gardening and birthing Mellie's baby. Ironically, it's the compassionate things that make Scarlett get "dirty" and it's the some things that end up curbing her brutal personality into a softer version of herself. Of course, she comes to the realization much too late.

I ended up buying a typeface for this project along with some decorative ornaments. I wanted to add touches of my illustrations but for the majority of the cover was done in illustrator! As you can see, I so loved the silhouettes from Great Expectations, I just had to carry over that same look for this one! 

INCIDENTALLY there are many places to purchase fonts/typefaces! Just be sure to be wise in your choosing. :)

FOR reference, here are some of my favorite places to look:

Creative Market

Great Lakes Lettering

Commercial Type

THOSE are just some of my favoritism but there are lots more! Happy Exploring!

I hope you like this cover, I think it just might be my favorite. 



SEE you all next week! I'm still debating the next book so if you've got suggestions let me know!


Isabel Davis

P.S. If anyone loves fantasy trilogies, I just read another wonderful book, it's called The Queen of Tearling. Read it, you won't regret it. I hear that Emma Watson will be producing and starring in the film! 

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