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HELLO everyone! I hope you all are having a great week! We are back for the seventh week of our Book Cover Challenge and I have to tell you, I'm still reeling from this week's book. Holy smokes, it's a tear jerker. The whole story revolves around a girl who is severely judged for an incident in her youth...she carries that incident in her heart and one day tells her secret to disastrous results. 

THE novel was published in 1891 and today is considered a classic, but not so back in the day. The writer, Thomas Hardy, broached a scandalous topic and challenged the ethics of the day which resulted in mixed reviews from his audience. It raises interesting questions about what's fair, judgment and grace. For Tess, she rarely receives what is "fair", is often judged and yearns to receive grace from the people whose love she wishes the most. It's heartbreaking, particularly as Hardy takes care to describe Tess as a sweet soul who was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Man, did I really feel for this character! If you're a sucker for a raw love story, this is your read. 

SINCE the book was so heavy, I literally had no idea how to start with the design process. I felt weighed down by themes of social injustice and double standards. Finally, the ending in of itself was almost too hard to bear. Seriously. I closed the book and walked around with a box of tissues for a half hour. Ultimately, all I "saw" was broken hearts, so that's what I drew. I attempted to make the overall aesthetic lighthearted, as a broken heart could get a five year old down. Since I believe Tess does experience real love, I decided to include whole hearts in the mix. 

I hope you liked this week's Book Cover Challenge! Next up...a much happier read by one of my favorite authors, EMMA. 

-Isabel Davis

P.S. The quote in the back is one of my favorites...so tragic, but still one of my favorites. 


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