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HELLO, all! Welcome to week ten of our Book Cover Challenge! In keeping with a Halloween theme for this month, I decided to go with Dracula! This was a crazy, interesting read for me and not at all what I was expecting. The novel was published in 1897 and I wasn't prepared for how scary this book was. It's truly a horror story! You know how you might have a certain idea or expectation about what a book might be about? Well, Dracula far exceeded my expectations! 

FIRST of all, the book is written in epistolary format...which means letters, ship's log entries and diary excerpts and it takes place in both England and Transylvania. The tale centers around a Mr. John Harker, a solicitor, who is lured to Dracula's castle on the pretense that the count holds property in London. When John arrives, Dracula is all gracious manners, dripping smiles and the ever so hospitable host. That's when things start getting a little funny. John encounters three female vampires, called "the sisters" who end up imprisoning Mr. Harker; he barely escapes with his life. But now Dracula is on the hunt and he goes after John's Fiancee, the lovely Wilhemina (who is lovely except for her unfortunate name). Unfortunately, Wilhemina's best friend, Lucy ends up becoming Dracula's victim. 

What ends up happening to poor, Lucy, well, you'll just have to read it. It's horrific. 

So onward to the design of the book. Naturally, I went black and red. With lots of bats. Of course. 

Thanks so much for reading! Now, go out and pick up the book. It's a great read and befitting Halloween. 

Isabel Davis

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