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I know, I know. This post has nothing to do with paper or what's on my desk these days but I've got a good reason for writing about making over our kitchen. Here's why: I couldn't find any really helpful posts on Pinterest about painting kitchen cabinets white. Granted, there were tons but they all seemed to involve weeks worth of work. Weeks. My husband and I didn't have that option nor were we super excited to tackle the "Kitchen Cabinet Project" if it meant it'd rob us of our nearly all our free time for weeks. Not to mention space. Plus, you know, moving into a new house. I wanted to find a feasible option that allowed us to get it done in a reasonable amount of time so we could finally move into the space. 

SO. I found a solution and we managed to get it done in one weekend. Yes, it's true. Mind you, I'm not a professional painter and this is what worked for us. If it ends up working for anyone else, that's fantastic. If it doesn't, well, there's always the magic Pinterest where new treasures are pinned everyday. 

To start with, our cabinets were empty as we'd just bought the house. You'll have to do this step, I honestly can't see any other way out of doing that. Here's what our kitchen looked like when we moved in: 

A word about our kitchen: the room is actually one biggish room that has to function as a dining room, living room and a kitchen. We had to get super creative on how to save space to squeeze everything in and not look like appliance direct exploded into our front room. We closed up the entryway to make room for a custom built banquette table. 

To paint the actual cabinets we used CHALK PAINT. It's magical. We're fortunate to live by a place that sells Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint (which we picked up 4 cans of Pure White). It's not cheap however we ended up saving around $750 by doing it ourselves instead of getting it professionally painted. All the prep we had to do was clean the cabinets with a quick wipe. 

Here's why Chalk Paint is so great: you don't have to sand or prime anything. Plus, it dries super fast. Many sites I saw instructed to take off all the cabinet doors but we opted not to! It was easy to paint the cabinet doors. For hard corners, just open the door halfway and paint with a small angled brush. We needed two coats of paint to cover our wood cabinets. Once that was done we used Annie Sloan lacquer to protect the paint. One coat. That's it. 

Here's the finished result:

As for the rest of the makeover process we took off the countertops and replaced with butcher block from Ikea. It looks fantastic and such a great price! I love apron sinks but most I found were just too expensive but then Ikea came through once again and I found one for under $200!

We ended up getting a cooktop, wall oven and a microwave to fit in a custom built island to save space. Here's the finished result:

Ok. That's it for my random post about a kitchen makeover. I'll go back to paper in the next one, I promise. 

Isabel Davis



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