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Hey there! 

Today is the day! I'm super happy to share what 9th Letter Press will be doing on the ninth of the coming months! Ready? I designed a print that felt perfect for summer and I want you all to have it as background for your smart phone. 

So here's a fun fact about me: I don't like receiving flowers. Don't get me wrong, I think they're beautiful and they can really add fun color to any room in a house. But I've never in my whole life bought myself flowers because I can't seem to keep them alive. And then it's just a mess to clean up. I was once given a cactus who I named "Wesley". I thought perhaps if I named the thing, I would be better about taking care of it. Nope. I managed to kill a cactus.  

So, in the spirit of trying to incorporate something floral in my completely un-floral life, I thought I would blend bright, summer fun colors into a summer and flowery motif. I hope you enjoy it! The next three letters will be next month on a completely different print. :)

P.S. I'm no tech superstar but I simply downloaded the image and sent the image to my email. From my iPhone, I went to my email, saved the image to my camera roll and then went to settings where I could set the saved image as my wallpaper. Should be easy! Please email me (isabel@9thletterpress.com) if you have any questions. 


Happy Sunday! 







love these! can’t wait to see what the “c” will be! also, if you click on the photo and hold for a second from your iphone there should be an option that says “save image” and then it’ll be in your photos! then you don’t have to do it from a computer :)

Jun 11, 2013

Me encanta, una bonita idea de recibir flores cada día :

Me encanta mucha esta idea de recibir flores todos los días, ya q mi esposo tampoco no es de los q manda nunca

Jun 10, 2013

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