• The Soon-to-be Mrs.

    Isabel recently had the grand opportunity to design custom letterpress invitations for the beautiful bride-to-be Kelly Lanza of Studio DIY.

    The three piece, three color letterpress invitations were initiated by Kelly’s good friend, Janice.  She contacted Isabel a few months ago with the idea of designing this citrus suite …

  • Jot it down!

    9th Letter Press would like to thank profusely whoever invented notepads.

    Can I just tell you that the day is rare when I don’t need to jot down a note, a to do list, or a friendly reminder in hopes that I’ll remember to buy eggs for the third trip …

  • Letters at Camp

    When you go to camp, you expect a lot of snail mail courtesy of 9th Letter Press.

    If you’ve ever been a 12 year old camper living off sugar and night games, you know how much a letter from home can make your tween day!  Forget the emails and texts, …

  • Something to Write About

    The new 9th Letter Press journals can make anyone become a writer.

    It’s true.  With three different covers and 96 lined pages of fun, you’ll be itching to pick up your favorite pen and write to your heart’s content.

    flat printed journals, 9th Letter Press, writing, journaling, Winter Park, Florida, Orlando

    So, let’s break it down. Who’s who?

    To the left, you …

  • 9th Letter Press Friday Giveaways!

    Hey stationery friends!  Did you know that every Friday we do a giveaway via Instagram?  #truth #swag #youknowyouwantit  In fact, you can follow us @9thletterpress right now!

    Check out what you’ve missed already!  But please, no tears are required…there will be another giveaway in two days!

    So, get on it!  …


    Like many teenage girls, I paid my due in Friday night babysitting.  I could always tell if it was going to be a good night when I’d pile their plates with mac and cheese, a side of broccoli, and apple slices and in return receive a cheesy “thank you”.  Those …

  • Coupon Queen

    Around the office, I’m known as the “Coupon Queen”.  I’m pretty sure I labeled myself as this, but I’ll own it.  In fact, I once went to a coupon class.  For some reason, the only thing I remember from the class is the teacher’s name:  Terry.  It rhymed with Carrie, …

  • For the Love of Red, White, & Blue

    One of my favorite clothing trends circa 2000 were the Old Navy red, white, and blue flag tee’s and tanks.  Remember those?  Everyone and their mother sported their patriotism with a white t-shirt and overalls mind you, not just on the 4th of July.  I guess my middle school nostalgia …

  • 9th Letter Press Studio Feature in Winter Park, Florida

    Welcome to the 9th Letter Press studio in Winter Park, Florida!  So glad you could stop in, even if it’s through your window browser.

    We wanted to give our friends a peek into the everyday shenanigans of 9th Letter Press and show off our cozy studio off Orange Avenue.

    The …

  • Coffee Talk with Isabel {inspiration edition}

    Last month, we introduced a new series called “Coffee Talk with Isabel” in hopes that you’d have a chance to get to know your favorite Doodler a little bit better.  If you’re new to 9th Letter Press, you should know that Isabel is our founder and sole artist.  Everything we …

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