Founding of 9th Letter Press

Our Story

Isabel Davis, our beloved designer, started the 9th Letter Press journey years back in her hot, Florida garage. In fact, our very first greeting card was printed on a tabletop letterpress printer in that garage. As 9th Letter Press began to grow, we needed to find a more conducive space. So, for a few years we found home in a dreamy Winter Park studio, conveniently surrounded by inspiration.  As of 2017, we have joined forces with ICustomLabel, who also believe in the celebration of all things wonderful. Now located near the water, we hope to find new inspiration and growth on the sunny shores of Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Through the years, we’ve focused on creating colorful and uniquely designed products for all celebrations and occasions. Because, let’s all agree, there’s always a reason to celebrate. Our hope is that our products are shared with loved ones, given to those that need a little sunshine on a rainy day, and sent “just because” you were thinking of them. The art of “snail mail” is a beautiful thing that we hope will continue to grow.

We have so enjoyed sharing this experience with you all and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us!

With love and gratitude,

The 9th Letter Press Team